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Calorie controlled meals that will increase
lean muscle
and burn stubborn body fat.

Who we are


Hi, my name is Tashena Nikas and I am the proud owner of Below 360 Meals.  This is all started when some friends of mine complained about how time poor they were and how they really wanted to eat well, but it was so difficult to find healthy, customised meals.  Not only that, there were so many people who were training and also wanted highly nutritious meals to compliment their hard work.

So, I decided to create a variety of pre-prepared meals that people could customise, ie…more protein, less carbs etc that were all ready to be picked up and eaten or frozen and used whenever they wanted.

So, this is Below 360 Meals. Calorie Controlled Meals for busy people, people training that want to eat well, without the hassle.


Customer reviews

“I am forever indebted to Tash and the team at Below360. In February this year I was introduced to their meal plans by Jay Paterson. I’ve lost just over 35 kilos over that time and feel ten years younger. I get married next weekend and I have Below360 to thank for my body transformation. The food is delicious and really affordable. I couldn’t recommend them highly enough.”


“I could talk all day long about how fantastic the meals are from Below 360. I have been ordering every single week for about a year now. Tash and her wonderful team have fed me through a football season, a bodybuilding competition prep and now my offseason bulking phase. If you are looking for clean, fresh, healthy, delicious meals with the added benefit of them being super affordable and it saving you a tonne of time doing your own food prep and cleaning then I urge you to give them a go. You will not regret it.”

Tanith Gregory

“Have already lost weight and my definitions are coming further out! perfect for someone who is determined to be healthy and fit and has a strong routine! I am now a regular! Keep up the good work!

Will be recommending you to friends and clients!”

Katya Cruz

“Amazing tasting meals for great value. Perfect for someone who hasn’t got time to prep meals and is wanting to gain weight or weight loss. Awesome work guys A+++”

Liam Edwards

“Picked up my first week of meals and I am already in love with this place! Tash and her team are extraordinary, came in for a late pick up and was greeted with a hug and amazing hand packed food prepped to perfection. I’ve tried other food prep services and nothing comes close to the heart and soul you see when opening each meal made with love!”

Alexandra Yves

“How easy is this. I have used a number of the “bigger companies” but found I had to pay heap extra in the long run to really get what I wanted. What I like about 360 is the fact you can order 1 meal of everything or 100 meals of one. They will change items inside them as well so I don’t get bored.
Having the option to pick up Tuesday or Thursday is great too. If you’re time poor like me or can’t cook but want to stay fit I recommend this for sure”

Zac McHardy

“Fantastic meals! Healthy portion and calorie controlled that actually satisfy you and leave you feeling full! Even better knowing they are freshly made with fresh ingredients which is important to my family. The kids also just love them!!!! I buy extras just for nights I don’t have time to cook for the rest of the family :)”

Teagan Whittaker

“Meals look and taste amazing without breaking my calories… Healthy goodness in each meal…. AND a free coffee on pick up love it!”

Leah Mirabito